Gear measuring machines

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Gear Measuring Machines are high> precision machines and are used as part of the quality standards for measuring gears. Here they are used for testing and evaluating gearing qualities according to DIN or AGMA. Here, defined gear deviations such as division, profile, flank line, tooth thicknesses, surface, roundness, one- and two-flank rolling deviations are measured here.

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In addition to the tactile measuring methodology, there is the possibility of measuring gears on coordinate measuring machines, contactless by means of laser technology, as well as on running test machines (single flange rolling test EWP, or double-flank rolling test ZWP) to measure an interlocking and then to carry out an evaluation.

manufacturer of gear measuring machines are, among others, the companies Klingelnberg, Gleason Pfauter, Niles Kapp, Hoefler, Mahr, Hommel, Wenzel, Zeiss...

Here you will find information about gear measuring machines, technical descriptions, pictures and videos shown as:
» Used machine, conventional with change gears  
» Partly modernized, geometrically overhauled, with a new PL  
» Retrofit, as CNC conversion, completely modernized with new control Siemens 840 D and acceptance according to CE standard  
» New machine, designed for individual production, small series or with automation for series production  
» Notes on manufacturers and users of gear measuring machines here..........  

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