Clamping tools

Burri clamping tools
Universal clamping systems for ür the optimal straightening of toothed......
Clamping systems serve as tools for clamping plant work equipment with the aim of reducing the rüstuml;st. and thus increasing the productivity.


Here we supply a complete range of mechanical and hydraulically-affected clamping devices, which are characterized by the general requirements such as fast changeover times, optimal concentricity, constant clamping force, high repeatability and simple clamping and Lösetechnik and can be used by means of adaptations for machine types sämuml;muml;mum;
Ask for our BURRI clamping systems …we know the Lösung!!!!!!!!

Take advantage of the economic benefits that speak for the use of burri clamping systems:

» Schnell umrüstbar durch einfaches Handling      
» Round and plan accuracy up to <= 0.003mm achievable    
» Individually customizable to your needs andworkücke     
» Erhöhte Produktivität durch Flexibilität und Zeiteinsparung      
» Fast clamping cycles and high torques üportable      
» Accuracy & Repeatability due to constant clamping pressure    
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