Profiling machines

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Profiliermaschinen are special machines for the economical pre-profiling of grinding wheels, grinding worms and honing rings .
Designed as compact universal machines, roll forming machines can be used variably and are therefore used by many well-known gear, transmission and grinding wheel manufacturers.


Examples of areas of application are:

  • Bearing manufacturer (ball, roller bearing rings)
  • Aerospace (turbine blades)
  • Mechanical engineering (linear guides, ball screws, screws, rotors)
  • Medical technology (prostheses)
  • Knife industry (shaft, shear and razor)
Here you will find the economic advantages that speak for the use of a profiling machine:
» Higher flexibility to respond to customer calls    
» significant reduction in storage costs for grinding wheels    
» Savings potential in the purchase of grinding wheels    
» Higher service life of the slide tools in the production machine    
» Less unbalance of the grinding wheels    
» Significant increase in productivity on grinding machines    
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