Gear Hobbing Machines (horizontal)

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horizontal abwälzfräsmaschinen are used üpredominantly for the production of long pinion shafts, threaded spindles, screw shafts, extruder shafts and rotors.

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Known machine manufacturers Satures Pfauter, Wanderer, Heckert, WMW Modul and Kolumna.
Current machine types available on the market include the Pfauter P or PE 100 H, P 160, P 125 H, P 250 H, P 400 H, P 500 H, Wander GF 404, GF 322, GF 324, GF 326, WMW module ZFWVG 250, ZFWVG 300 x 2000, 3000 + 5000 mm.

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Here you will find information about horizontal gear machines, technical descriptions, pictures and videos shown as:
» Used machine, conventional with change gears  
» Partly modernized, geometrically overhauled, with a new PLC  
» Retrofit, as CNC conversion, completely modernized with new control Siemens 840 D and acceptance according to CE standard  
» New machine, designed for individual production, small series or with automation for series production  
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P 400 H x 4000

Wälzfräsmaschine horizontal
Factory work: 450 mm, module: 12 mm, axial travel: 4000 mm

Figure shows Retrofit, completely modernized, designed for the fastest performance and accuracy with flexible production, acceptance according to DIN and manufacturer's standard, control SINUMERIK 840 D SL; digital drive technology SINAMICS
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